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Restore the Ruins
Have you ever felt that your life is in ruins? Thankfully, we worship a God who brings restoration! The Old Testament book of Nehemiah tells how God used Nehemiah to rebuild the broken-down walls of Jerusalem. In this study of Nehemiah, we'll learn how God can restore the ruins in our lives, our relationships, and our church. 
Restoring Together (6/7/20)
Evaluating the Situation (5/31/20)
Seeking God's Power (5/24/20)
Facing Opposition (6/14/20)
Serving Our Neighbors (6/21/20)
Hearing from God (6/28/20)
Remembering God's Faithfulness (7/5/20)
Responding with Worship (7/12/20)
Restoring Again (7/19/20)